Serving our clients with integrity and an
unwavering commitment to quality

  • Institutional Casework
  • Millwork
  • Custom Creations
  • Countertops
  • Plastic Laminate / Solid Surface
  • Wood
  • Finishing
  • Value Engineering
  • Design Assist
  • Installation
  • LEED

Institutional Casework

Western Millwork’s attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship always result in precise and accurate products, such as integrated work stations, reception desks and institutional casework. In engineering and manufacturing, special consideration is given to choices in edging, hinges and drawer slides that make each finished piece as functional as it is beautiful.


Lobbies, Restaurants, Casinos, Ballrooms, etc……… These are the areas in most projects that demand the highest concentrations of extraordinary millwork. Whether it be fixtures, themed elements, beautiful bars, lobby columns and panels, intricate moldings or more….Western Millwork’s team of craftsmen are up to the challenge. It takes a combination of talent, dedication, proper machinery and management of the details to produce a truly beautiful end product… that will continue to provide satisfaction to its owner as long as it is in service.

Custom Creations

By allowing our clients to create the idea, then transforming the idea into reality, Western Millwork is one of the few companies that our clients know can “Get the job done”. Western Millwork’s willingness to work harder than the rest, combined with our innovative solutions to complex design challenges, allow our engineering and manufacturing team to design and fabricate the unbelievable.


Countertops are no longer limited to laminate and wood. Solid Acrylic and Polyester Surfaces, Stone, Engineered Stone, Concrete, Metal and new “Green” materials are all represented time and again in our projects. Don’t limit yourself.

Plastic Laminate / Solid Surface

Plastic Laminate / Solid Surface- From Plastic Laminate to Solid Surface to Granite, our specialized craftspeople can provide any shape and design, thanks to the years of knowledge and the flexibility of materials.


Lumber comes in hundreds of species and many cuts. Western Millwork can work with any hardwood and most softwoods. Watching moisture contents and using proper milling techniques allows us to create most any profile or custom shape you may desire.


Finishing is what takes the product from amazing to extraordinary. Our superior finishing staff knows precisely how to achieve the maximum result from each of our finishing techniques, and by having the ability to custom mix stains we provide our customers with the ability to choose from any color in the spectrum. Western Millwork also is careful to minimize dust particulates in the air with a climate-controlled environment that includes separate air intake and exhaust.

Value Engineering

The majority of Western Millwork’s business is negotiated with clients who are seeking the best combination of quality and value. We offer pre-project budgeting and value engineering services to our clients in an effort to find balance between the architect’s vision and the client’s budget.

Design Assist

Benefit from “one-stop” shopping in the design and ultimate construction of your project. We will work to understand design intent and achieve such within your budget. Our people will be there through all stages of this challenging process.


At Western Millwork our responsibilities don’t end until your product is installed to 100% satisfaction. We take enormous care to see that our products are installed safely, taking into account humidity levels and the temperature of a room before installing any architectural woodworking or furniture. Our project managers are on site throughout the process to carry out continuous quality control checks.


Western Millwork is committed to the concept of “GREEN” building. In today’s market, LEED certification is a common construction goal. At Western Millwork, we know the LEED point system as it relates to our trade very well and can contribute to your LEED goals in the following classifications through LEED Vs 2.2

MR 4.1 / 4.2 – Materials and Resources Recycled Content

MR5.1 / 5.2 – Regionally Manufactured / Extracted Materials

MR7.0 – FSC® Certified Wood

EQ 4.1 – Low Emitting Materials – Adhesives and Sealants

EQ 4.4 – Low Emitting Materials – Composite Wood